Door Hangers for Farming

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Realtors® that farm a neighborhood or just want to let neighbors know market activity in the neighborhood may want to consider door hangers. Options include different sizes, finishes, and a perforated tear off card on the bottom.

Perfect for the 5x5x10 or 10x10x20 farming program. If you are not familiar, you leave a door hanger on the 5 houses (or 10) to the left of your listing or recently sold home, 5 (or 10) houses to the right and the 10 (or 20) houses across the street from it.

Common Sizes

The 8.5″ tall by 3.5″ wide is great if you want to consider the optional tear off business card (2″ x 3.5″) at the bottom. If you need a larger size without perforation, then the 11″ x 4.25″ (fold a vertical piece of paper in half for comparison) would be a great choice for layout and information.

Common Finishes

In the 14pt thickness (slightly thicker than a standard business card), you can choose AQ (semi-gloss), UV (high gloss like a photograph), or Matte (uncoated and good for writing with a message with a sharpie or ball point pen).

Tear-Off Business Card

The 8.5×3.5 offers an optional perforated bottom that is only a few dollars more. Not only is it a door hanger, but the home owner can tear off and keep your business card. One more reason to invest in door hangers, the “leave-behind” marketing card.

Quantity and Production Time

Choose from 50 to over 5000 door hangers (although the best price point is 1000 or 2500). The lower quantities mean higher per piece cost but would allow for changes once you run out and need to reorder. Production time is usually 1-2 weeks for printing and delivery assuming artwork is supplied. But if you need a graphic designer, I know a guy….

Message or Content?

Consider the following components in your design:

  • Same graphics as your business card (front and back)
  • Photo/Head Shot (mandatory)
  • Reason why you are in the neighborhood (Just listed, Just Sold, Showing a home, Open House, etc)
  • Call to Action (Call Today, Email, get your free CMA, etc)
  • Website
  • Request for referral or to pass it along to someone they know looking to buy/sell soon
  • Full color (pay the extra for the professional look and layout)

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