Why use a full-color back? (Business Cards)

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A blank canvas waiting for your advertisement.

For 2 cents more, ($20 per 1000, and in some cases it’s FREE through My ART ideas), a full- color back imprint on your business card will attract more business.

Matte or Glossy finish?

Smooth Card Stock: If you want to write with a ballpoint pen, matte finish is the way to go. You can go glossy if you use a Sharpie marker or using a punch. If using a punch, be aware of what is on the front of the card so that you are not “punching holes” in your phone number or email. Gel pens do not write well on matte and not on glossy at all.

Linen Card Stock: this slightly textured paper stock does not have a matte or glossy finish option and any pen should work well including gel pens.

More ideas for your back of a business card (& Who could use)

  • Referral Statement (Real Estate, sales)
  • Map/Location (Retail, Professional, Car Lot)
  • First Aid/CPR (Medical, First Responders)
  • Menu/Tip Table (Restaurant)
  • Miranda Rights (Law Enforcement, Lawyer)
  • Website/Email (Everyone)
  • Appointment (Hair Salon, Sales, Dental)
  • QR Code (website, email, map)
  • Coupon/Discount (Oil Change, Desserts)
  • Frequent Buyer Punch (Food, Service)
  • Conversion Chart (Hardware, Bakery)
  • Slogan/Tagline (Business, Non-Profit)
  • List of Products/Services (Self-Employed)
  • Holidays (HR, Office, Unions)
  • Decimal Conversion Chart (Contractor)
  • Mission Statement (Corporations, Non-Profit)
  • Guarantees (Service, Repair, Install)
  • Client Testimonial (Service, Retail, Medical)

View my partial portfolio of fronts and back business cards: Facebook

If you need additional help, working up a design or just have a question about printing on the back of a business card, give me a call, I know a guy.

Back of Card Samples from MyARTideas:

Appointment Back

Frequent Buyer Discount or Reward

Discount Frequent Buyer
Location or Map



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